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Easterseals’ Programs help adults with a variety of disabilities gain employment that can provide independence and self-sufficiency. A key component of this unique program is to develop productivity and adaptive employment skills by performing hands-on work. This jewelry “social enterprise” serves as an exciting opportunity for participants to train in a high-paced and carefully supervised work environment.  They learn to develop and maintain a competitive level of productivity, take direction and feedback from a supervisor. As a result of this program, these individuals become valuable employees.

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Employment and Training
Medical Rehabilitation
Educational Services
Social Enterprises
Adult Services
Children’s Services
Senior Services
Veteran Services
Autism (ASD) Services

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Easterseals Gives Back Program

The typical life experience for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been little to no community participation, infrequent social relationships and interactions, few leisure activities, and limited employment. With the Easterseals Gives Back Program, all this changes, as these young adults and seniors have the opportunity to participate in meaningful community activities – giving back to a community that gives to them. By engaging in various community-based charitable initiatives, they are furthering their preparation for independent living and inclusion in society at all levels.

Our participants wanted the opportunity to contribute to their community. This request prompted Easterseals Gives Back to expand into a social enterprise.  For every jewelry piece purchased, Easterseals Gives Back makes a $10 donation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive medical, vocational, educational, and supportive services to people with disabilities in order to maximize their independence and self-sufficiency. We believe that all people have a desire and right to live in dignity and to be responsible for their own welfare and destiny.

Our History

Easterseals Capital Region & Eastern Connecticut provides a wide range of specialized services designed for individuals of all ages with any type of disabling condition. As one of the region’s largest outpatient providers of both medical and vocational rehabilitation services, we strive to provide every participant with the combination of services best suited to their needs. In our medical rehabilitation program, we combine physical, occupational, speech and neuropsychological therapies to address the cognitive, communication, physical, behavioral and psychosocial impairments that our patients face. Our vocational rehabilitation programs consistently deliver the highest placement rates in the region, helping individuals with disabilities secure the employment that provides self-sufficiency. Easterseals has gone beyond the traditional role of a rehabilitation agency by adding commercial manufacturing and service businesses that directly train and employ individuals with disabilities.

Easterseals’ strengths: a relevant mission, a strong infrastructure, and the support of a caring community. For all of our patients, participants and their families served each year, Easterseals brings these forces together to be their source for help, hope, and answers.

And to all our friends and supporters that help to make this possible, we thank you!

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